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Viking Conquest Starting Gear [PORTABLE]

You can choose the raider start by picking the "In an island far to the north" option. The player is a viking-like raider son of another raider embarking on his first raid against the Valahir. The expedition, as the texts say, was going quite well, until Aethling Svafar showed up and you and another raider, by the name of Hyk, fled leaving behind your leader who was killed by Svafar. The player is then presented with the scene of his native island. In your ship there is Hyk, who you can recruit as a companion if you speak to him. Just in front of you when the scene starts there is a villager who is not pleased with your cowardice in the raid, thus attacking you. However, the starting stats of the raider are really nothing to sneeze at (for example, 6 in power strike), hence it will not be difficult to put the guy down. Once you disembark, to your left there is a merchant from wich you can buy supplies, and to your right there is the village elder, speaking to him a 2nd time he will port the player to the desired Perisno capital.

Viking Conquest Starting Gear

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There are different companions which you can hire throughout Perisno. At the beginning, you would not be able to afford the exorbitant fees for Arcanus or Tamaris; two extremely powerful individuals which are deadly fighters and leaders of men. However, you would be able to get Shi-Jin and Zara for free. Shi Jin is a powerful companion, with great gear and proficiencies, and have high trainer skill which can whip your peasants into proper soldiers. Zara, on the other hand, is similarly low level to your starting character, and can be morphed into anything you desire.

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