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Blonde Matures Over 40

Try a neck-length bob with long bangs if you want to add life back to your hair. This stunning blonde will immediately brighten up your face. Whether you style your new look smooth or straight, you will feel chic!

blonde matures over 40


A sleek short bob on straight hair is a classic and extremely versatile haircut. This blunt haircut thickens fine strands by creating a heavy weight line, which gives an overall thicker appearance. These are great bobs for women over 40 because they offer a simplistic yet youthful look that is easy to maintain.

A classic chin-length bob with face-framing layers is always a smart way to go. Short bob haircuts for women over 40 are soft and flattering. Using a round brush when styling will help you get this sleek volume.

Consider a short wavy bob with straight bangs if you are looking for a fun haircut that adds a ton of compliment to your eyes. A bob with bangs for women over 40 exudes both class and sass at a time in life when you still feel young, but represent maturity. Ask your stylist for the best shade of red balayage to compliment your skin tone.

A soft blunt bob cut for thick hair is a classic look that will have you feeling refreshed this season. A blunt bob for women over 40 is almost always a good idea, especially if you have long hair and need a change. Thick hair can be a challenge, but this style makes it a bit easier to manage.

Try wavy bobbed hair with textured ends for a trendy new look. This youthful style can be maximized by curling your hair but leaving the ends out giving it this beachy texture. Spray a texturizing spray all over after and shake it up for ultimate beach hair.

Women over 40 look stunning with this shaggy mullet that features a choppy fringe. For extra body and volume, wear your hair with short layers at the top. You can tousle the choppy fringe for even more face-framing texture.

Take into account your lifestyle, maintenance, personality, hair texture, and face shape. The most important things to consider for short haircuts for women are hair texture, neck, and face shape. This bob haircut looks great on women over 40 with an oval or heart-shaped face.

For women over 40 looking for something short and sassy, this may be the look for you. This cut is low-maintenance due to its convenience of quick and easy styling. Short haircuts for women should be easy to maintain at home.

For a woman over forty considering this short crop, consider your face shape and hair texture. This specific cut is great for someone looking for a smooth and sleek style by day, and a sassy and textured style by night.

Try an iconic black shaggy cut without bangs to really freshen up your overall style. The shaggy cut combined with the crisp, dark color like black allows for a very healthy and voluminous appearance to the hair. A black shaggy cut can do a lot to revitalize an aging face in terms of lifting, brightening, and accentuating face shape and key facial features. Avoiding bangs means you keep the face open and brighter while reducing the amount of horizontal lines for the eye to follow which keeps the eyes focused on following a vertical line on either side of the face. This then beautifully frames it while enhancing the focus on key features such as eyes.

This short style works extremely well for women over 40 with thick hair. The undercut makes it less bulky, more manageable, and adds a touch of funk and youth. It is perfect for ladies with all face shapes, especially those with round faces as it can be tailored to their particular needs to flatter and frame.

Short shags are the best short hairstyles for women over 40 because they add a lot of volume and are even teased up a bit. But, it remains very soft, feminine, and touchable. The volume, fullness, and softness of this hairstyle make it very youthful.

This high volume haircut is short on the sides and longer on top. This pixie cut with long bangs gives women over a 40 with a round face a face-slimming effect. Women over 40 with wider face shapes with hair that is medium in texture and density wear this look best.

This pretty hairstyle for women over 40 features volume and an airy texture that sweeps away from the face. Oval and heart face shapes with hair that is fine to medium in texture and low to medium in density can pull off this pretty look.

The most flattering short haircuts for women over 40 is a one-length, short bob with bangs. This cut has a diagonal fringe and disconnected undercut at the nape area. The undercut/disconnection at the back creates more of an edgy look for those wanting something classic with a twist. The diagonal fringe is optional and can also be cut square. You could also opt for no fringe at all, and this style will still look great.

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At 55, the married mother of two often socialises with her 25-year-old daughter, who has just started work for a fashion website. A bubbly blonde with an impressive track record in magazine editing, James insists that women over 40 can no longer be pigeonholed.

The magazine's March cover model is Kylie Minogue, who at 40 still looks incredibly glamorous in a backless silver sequinned dress, with blonde hair brushed back sensually from her face. The front, styled and shot by Minogue's right-hand man William Baker, was voted IPC's cover of the month and given pride of place in the canteen of the company's chic new Southwark headquarters.

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