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Rudramadevi: A Historical Epic in 3D

Rudramadevi: A Historical Epic in 3D

Rudramadevi is a 2015 Indian historical epic film written, produced and directed by Gunasekhar. The film stars Anushka Shetty as Rudramadevi, the 13th-century queen of the Kakatiya dynasty, along with Allu Arjun, Rana Daggubati, Prakash Raj and others in supporting roles. The film is based on the life and reign of Rudramadevi, one of the few female rulers in Indian history, who defied the patriarchal norms of her time and fought against the invaders to protect her kingdom.

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The film was made in Telugu and Tamil languages, and dubbed into Hindi and Malayalam. It was also released in 3D format, making it the first Indian 3D historical film. The film features a score and soundtrack composed by maestro Ilayaraja, art direction by Thota Tharani, costumes by Neeta Lulla, editing by Sreekar Prasad and cinematography by Ajay Vincent. The film was praised for its technical aspects, performances, action sequences and visual effects, but criticized for its screenplay, narration and historical inaccuracies.

The film was a commercial success at the box office, grossing over â900 million worldwide. It also received several awards and nominations, including two National Film Awards for Best Feature Film on National Integration and Best Costume Design. The film was also screened at various international film festivals, such as the Busan International Film Festival and the All Lights India International Film Festival.

If you are a fan of historical films and want to watch Rudramadevi in full HD quality, you can download it from various online platforms. However, we advise you to avoid illegal or pirated sources that may harm your device or violate the copyright laws. Instead, you can watch Rudramadevi legally on YouTube[^1^] [^2^], where it is available in both 2D and 3D formats with 5.1 audio. You can also buy or rent the film on Google Play Movies or iTunes.

Rudramadevi is a film that celebrates the courage and glory of a woman who ruled over a vast empire with wisdom and valor. It is a film that showcases the rich culture and heritage of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is a film that offers a spectacular visual feast with stunning 3D effects and grand sets. Don't miss this opportunity to watch Rudramadevi in full HD quality and enjoy this historical epic on your screen.

Here are some interesting facts about Rudramadevi and the film:

  • Rudramadevi was born as Rudrama Devi, but was raised as a boy named Rudradeva to avoid any succession disputes. She was officially designated as a son and co-regent by her father Ganapatideva, the king of Kakatiya dynasty. She later revealed her true identity and assumed the throne as Rudramadevi.

  • Rudramadevi faced many challenges and threats from both internal and external enemies, such as the Cholas, the Pandyas, the Seuna Yadavas, the Kakatiya rebels and the Delhi Sultanate. She successfully defended her kingdom with the help of her loyal generals and allies, such as Gona Ganna Reddy, Chalukya Veerabhadra and Marco Polo.

  • Rudramadevi was a patron of art, culture, literature and architecture. She built many temples, forts, lakes and irrigation systems in her kingdom. She also promoted trade and commerce with foreign countries. She was praised by many poets and chroniclers for her achievements and virtues.

  • The film Rudramadevi took nearly eight years to complete, with a budget of â800 million. The film involved extensive research, pre-production, production and post-production work. The film used advanced technologies such as 3D conversion, motion capture, animatronics and computer-generated imagery.

  • The film Rudramadevi faced many obstacles and controversies during its making and release. The film faced delays due to financial issues, technical glitches, legal disputes and censor problems. The film also faced protests and vandalism from some groups who objected to its portrayal of historical figures and events.

Rudramadevi is a film that deserves to be watched by everyone who loves history, drama, action and adventure. It is a film that pays tribute to one of the greatest women rulers of India. It is a film that inspires us to be brave, loyal and patriotic. Watch Rudramadevi today and witness the saga of a legendary queen. 0efd9a6b88

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