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Buying Property In North Carolina

The choice of many people in North Carolina to rent instead of buying a property is having a noticeable impact on rental prices. The increased demand for rental properties is pushing costs up, often faster than supply can adjust. This behavior, in turn, is leading to a flurry of investment in the state to keep up with demand.

buying property in north carolina


The process of buying a property in North Carolina follows a similar pattern as the rest of the country. However, it always helps to have a professional by your side to make sure that you follow the correct buying process.

The main reason people use attorneys is because of their ability to guarantee that you're buying a property "free and clear of encumbrances." This means that there shouldn't be any legal challenge to your ownership after you hand over the money and sign the necessary contracts. If there is a title issue, your attorney will warn you.

4. Go through the usual phases when buying a property in North Carolina: make an offer, negotiate, hire an inspector to check the integrity of the building, and use a real estate attorney to ensure that there are no issues with the title.

If you're thinking about buying investment property in North Carolina, then you've come to the right place. At Landmark Real Estate Sales and Vacation Rentals, we have the experience and expertise in real estate to help guide your investment choices. Our expert team is here to help you buy real estate in Western North Carolina, rent it out and start generating returns.

Are you interested in adding real property to your 2016 portfolio before the year ends? If you have ever been curious about buying foreclosure property and potentially getting a steal, here is a general run down of the procedure and some helpful tips to get you the best deal. Here is the Sale Procedure:

Senate Majority Leader Shane Massey, R-Edgefield, talks on March 14, 2023, with opponents of his legislation that would ban Chinese-owned companies and citizens from buying property in South Carolina. Seanna Adcox/Staff

Looking for property near the ocean? With more than 300 miles of ocean shoreline, North Carolina boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the nation. But before buying, you should be aware of other factors that accompany the pleasures of owning property at the beach.

Interested in buying a property cash without a realtor, I know I need a closing attorney, but not sure on the rest of the process. I also want to buy the property under my newly formed LLC. I appreciate the help, thanks. 041b061a72

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