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About Olga


Functional Naturopathy


Super-food Nutrition

Detox & Liver Flush



Spa and Hospitality Consulting

Corporate Wellness

Green Consultancy

Functional Health Coach 
Nutrition & Detox Counselor
Green Consultant


Key Areas: SuperFood Nutrition, Holistic Detox , Bioresonance

Olga is passionate about inspiring and empowering people to improve their health and reach their goals. She has been studying and practicing Naturopathy in Europe, Asia and North America for the last 20 years.

Olga firmly believes in self healing ability, freedom of choice and helps her clients make informed, mindful choices about their life. 

She is a Certified Facilitator of Semenova Method in Russia. It involves Physiological Nutrition, Colon Cleanse, Liver/Gallbladder Flush, Parasite/Candida Cleanse, Herbs, Clay Therapy, Strelnikova Paradox Breathing, Crystal Color Therapy, Bio Resonance Testing and Hydrotherapy among other modalities.

In USA, she obtained her degree as a Nutritional Counselor, Holistic Health Practitioner in School of Healing Art, studied Traditional Naturopathy with David Getoff.

In Asia, she has been studying Traditional Thai Medicine, from various experts, ranging from Wat Pho School, Lanna doctors and Herbologists.

She is a Certified Permaculture Designer, with a PDC from Panya Project, Thailand. 

Biotherapy, the latest addition to Olga's toolbox, is a clinical bio energy assisted immune therapy complementary to all other medical and ‘alternative’ therapies.

Her emphasis is on lasting lifestyle changes, done at the pace of the client, based on self-acceptance and love.

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